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Thanking God With Integrity Willard Metzger World Vision

Thanking God With Integrity

Author: Rev. Willard Metzger

This book of 57 table graces helps us cultivate gratitude while acknowledging the sorrow and pain of others.
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Many of us have struggled to give thanks for our food while people still suffer through hunger, disaster and environmental destruction. Author Rev. Willard Metzger offers us a response with integrity: prayers that balance gratitude and giving.

Rather than attaching guilt to our shared meals, these table graces aspire to "flavour thankfulness and sandwich it with a celebration of response and purpose." With relevant scripture and beautiful photography, Thanking God with Integrity makes a great gift book—especially for families—and will quickly become an essential resource at your home or church.

Rev. Willard Metzger:


About The Author

Rev. Willard Metzger

As the Executive Director of the Mennonite Church Canada, Willard has a passion to engage with and resource leaders, congregations, students, youth, young adults and business entrepreneurs. He has travelled to 60 countries, served as a pastor for 20 years and has extensive experience speaking, teaching, and preaching in Canadian churches across a wide diversity of Christian expressions. Willard’s first-hand experience of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 was a life-changing experience that now informs his work and writing, including this collection of prayers.


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