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Shifting Stats Shaking the Church Patricia Paddey Karen Stiller World Vision

Shifting Stats Shaking The Church

Author: Patricia Paddey & Karen Stiller

Canada is home to one of the most multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious populations on the planet and we're facing some of the most significant upheavals in our nation's history. So what does this mean for Christ's church?

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 2016 Word Guild Book of the Year in Culture.

Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church offers a fresh take and a hopeful outlook on the Canadian church. Each story highlights a congregation that has responded to new opportunities presented in the areas of Family, Finances, Immigration, Technology, Time/Volunteering and Youth, and how a perceived challenge has resulted in an new way to engage their local community with the love of God.

Arising out of stories gathered during World Vision's 2014 Shifting Stats Church Leaders Forum and the contribution of denominational leaders, these are real-life, boots on the ground responses—sometimes simple, sometimes messy—to the challenges faced by churches right across our country who have chosen to put their faith into action in order to become invaluable neighbours.

There is great hope for the future of the Church in Canada as illustrated through these 40 stories of real churches who are facing the new realities of our cultural landscape head-on.

  • Features

    • Forty stories from across Canada representing:
      • every province and territory
      • 35 rural and urban centres
      • 25 denominations and churches, ranging in size from 15 to over 3000 attendees.
    • An encouraging and inspiring look at the impact churches across Canada are having on their local communities.
    • Dozens of practical ideas for community involvement presented in an easy-to-read, captivating short story format.
    • Authored by respected Canadian faith journalists, Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller.
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Watch these Beyond Shifting Stats videos for a glimpse into two innovative church ministries featured in Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church 


Compass Church, Regina




Meadowgreen House For All Nations, Saskatoon


About The Author

Patricia Paddey & Karen Stiller

Patricia Paddey is a freelance writer, editor and communications consultant. With a background in broadcast journalism, she has worked her entire career with mainstream and niche media. Currently, she is a partner in the Canadian Christian News Service, a senior writer at Faith Today magazine and serves part-time as communications director for Save the Mothers. She is pursuing a Master of Theological Studies part-time at McMaster Divinity College. Paddey lives with her husband Doug in Mississauga, ON. They have three young adult children.

Karen Stiller is a freelance writer and editor, and a senior editor of Faith Today magazine. She is author of Going Missional: Conversations with 13 Canadian Churches who Have Embraced Missional Life and managing editor of Evangelicals Around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century (Thomas Nelson, 2015). Stiller is also a partner in the Canadian Christian News Service and communications manager for Langham Partnership Canada. She was the recipient of the 2012 A.C.Forrest Memorial Award for excellence in religious journalism. Stiller lives in Port Perry, ON, with her husband Brent and their children. 


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