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Jesus on Justice Don Posterski World Vision

Jesus On Justice

Author: Dr. Don Posterski

It’s often hard for us to think of Christ as a radical advocate for justice, someone who bucked the religious and cultural norms of his day. Yet Jesus was indeed like this and he calls us to follow him.
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In this fresh and provocative book, Dr. Posterski challenges us to look into what God’s word actually says about social justice. He shows how Scripture does not provide specific directives on tax rates or legislation, for example, but instead offers powerful, justice-based principles that can inform our decisions. As we face the brokenness of our world—human trafficking, racism, famine, and more—these principles become powerful tools. Jesus on Justice will equip you with this biblical knowledge and inspire you to action.

  • Features

    • 194 Pages in full color
    • 12 Chapters including opportunities for personal reflection on scripture and prayers of response
    • Offers powerful justice principles for everyday life: Including the excluded, challenge cultural practices, confront the powerful, and advocate for the oppressed

About The Author

Dr. Don Posterski

Dr. Posterski has made three priorities the focus of his life and work: Christian formation, Christian witness, and church partnerships. Working with World Vision Canada, World Vision International and many other agencies, Don has made significant contributions through his creative research which has been released in national and international speaking engagements, books and publications

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