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Developing a Vision for Ministry

Developing a Vision for Ministry

Author: Aubrey Malphurs

Now in its third edition, this groundbreaking book continues to offer church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders concrete help with crafting vision statements, encouraging buy-in from the influencers in the church, turning up the energy level, and ultimately growing the church.
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Strong leaders have vision that is both far-reaching and focused on the details. Having that vision is what separates the church with a hodge-podge of ineffective programs and activities from churches that reach people effectively, efficiently, and consistently with the Good News.

In Developing a Vision for Ministry, leadership expert Aubrey Malphurs helps you develop and define unique, realistic, and appropriate goals for your ministry. He shows church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders how to

  • craft a vision statement
  • communicate that vision
  • encourage buy-in from influencers
  • turn up the energy level
  • grow the church

Now in its third edition, this groundbreaking book includes sample vision statements, helpful illustrations, worksheets, and end-of-chapter questions to move you beyond theory to practical, workable guidelines that will make a profound difference in your ministry.

About The Author

Aubrey Malphurs

Aubrey Malphurs (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is the senior professor of leadership and pastoral ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary and founder of the Malphurs Group. He engages in church consulting and training and is the author of more than twenty ministry books, including Look Before You Lead and Re: Vision. He lives in Dallas, Texas.


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